A Thought for Programmers

As I was driving in to work this morning, I was thinking about how today's programming applications is like the Kingdom of God. Now, don't laugh, read on....

Just like the Kingdom of God, most of the end users just know the GUI (graphical user interface), what's around them, what they can see, feel, etc. They know there's something more to life on a deeper level, they just don't know what it is.

Only as they draw near to the source of the code, do they start finding the complexity of the bigger picture, the millions of lines of code that makes up the architecture of the GUI life.

Users can modify the GUI as they wish, they only have problems when they ask the GUI to do things that the original source didn't intend. This is like life. We are free to make all the decisions we wish with our lives, the only time we will fall into the "traps" is when we make decisions that are outside of the will of God.

Our programmer created us with the ultimate freedom, we can choose to follow his instructions (Bible) and live a happy and prosperous and healthy life -or- we can ignore the instructions and do what looks good to us, go where we want, say what we wish with no thoughts about what the end will come or how to protect against unknown events.

So you see, it should be easy for programmers to understand the Kingdom of God. The main thing to remember is that there is only one way to reach the source code, to decrypt it and understand what it's meaning is..........Jesus.

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