2002: A Year to Pursue & Persevere

2002 is a year to pursue for personal, corporate, territorial, and generational breakthrough!
Even though I believe the year started during Rosh Hashanah in September, in our culture the month of January is always a good time to get focused. In September we saw the world shift into a new mind set. We entered into a season of war. We must shift now into a mind set of victory and advancement. Our nation has professed to be a Christian nation. That means we are "grafted into the Vine" of Abraham's covenant. This covenant was fulfilled and made available to us by the Lord Jesus Christ going to the Cross. This covenant is now being severely tested. The anti-Christ system is now being seen by the world. This system hates anything to do with Israel and Christianity. In September, we entered into the year 5762, THE BEGINNING OF WARS for the next seven years. This next seven years of training and confrontation will cause God's remnant people to do exploits. This season when mastered before the Lord will cause great release of covenant blessings.
What is a good picture to help you understand these times? I ended 2001 and began the year 2002 in Michigan. While I was ministering to a regional gathering, the Lord said to me. "Get ready for the ride." Then He showed me a BULL. He said, "This year will be like a BULL RIDE." Bull riding is one of the most violent sports. This will be a year of violence. This will be a year of intense learning. This will be a year of falling and getting back up. This will be a year to overcome fear. This will be a year to understand power. This will be a year of total dependence upon the Lord. A bull rider must keep one hand in the air as the attempt is made to master the power of the bull. I would suggest for you to throw your hand up and allow the Lord to grab hold of it for this coming year. (Is.41)
We must learn the discipline of WATCHING. This is a year the WATCHMAN ANOINTING is going to be released in the Church. You must know whom you are watching after and connected with, and you must know who is watching after you. You also must know what you are watching for. If we watch effectively we will FERRET OUT CRIMINALS(Psalm 101). Pray that every evil thing will be exposed in your region. We must find our alignment for our gifting to operate properly. There will be MUCH SHIFTING in the CHURCH this year. Many will begin to become dissatisfied with traditionalism and will seek God's supernatural power. Therefore, God will shift many into new places. On the other hand, there are many in the Body of Christ who are critical, judgmental, negative, and condemning, and constantly wandering from place to place trying to become satisfied. These spirits cause us to be blinded and unable to see what we need to see. Unless major deliverance comes to the Church, we will not break through. Unless we find our place and connections this year, we will wander the next seven years and perhaps get lost and postpone the blessings of God in our lives. If we will pray Isaiah 58 and let God lead each one of us into the type of fast that He has for each one of us, we will be delivered and positioned properly for the future. REALIGN THYSELF! By watching we are going to see how to bring CURSES TO AN END that have been working in our inheritance. Joel 2 is very important. This is a year to transfer evil into blessing. Do not be afraid to face the curse that has hindered your progress. Decode the occult structure linked with the curse. Evaluate its destruction, and begin the rebuilding cycle for your future.
This is a year in which we must understand SIGNS. If we allow God to develop this watching anointing within us, we will detect His signs in the heavens and in the earth. Signs are pointers that identify and uncover the godliness and redemptive plan of God that is in the world. We must not miss our signs this year! We must not be afraid of the supernatural. This is a year that we will begin to INTERPRET SUPERNATURAL REVELATION. We must ask God for the gift of interpretation. The Lord will be releasing a new revelation in the earth realm so we understand times and seasons. Dreams will become very significant. There will be a revival of words of knowledge. Words of wisdom will begin to give us clear directive strategy for the words of knowledge being received. These two gifts will balance each other this year. For understanding, read Daniel 6-11.
This is a year for one of the greatest SHIFTS IN WORSHIP that we have known. The Tabernacle of David is being established. Individual worship will turn into corporate worship. Corporate worship is a key to the transformation of our regions. We will move from soaking worship to intimate, strategic, warring worship. This is not the same as what we experienced during the decade of the '80s. This is a year where the ROAR of the LION becomes very distinguishable. The enemy will roar loudly, but the Lion of Judah will roar louder. We must learn the Lion of Judah's sound. Judah must plow and go first. Therefore, give worship room to develop and gain strength this year. Don't allow religious spirits to keep you from shifting. This will also be a year of THRESHING. "To thresh" is used figuratively in the Bible to relate to providential chastisement, crushing oppression, judicial visitation, and the labors of ministers. Grain, wine, and oil were all related to threshing and were products of the soil. Key threshing floors in our areas must be uncovered this year. There is a new sound that is coming to the earth linked with threshing. This is a year of TREADING. There are new paths to be made this year. As we walk and advance this year, what seems dark now will be lightened by His glory. We will go into mission fields where we have not been before. The Lord will also begin to penetrate ungodly nations. This will be a year of pioneering into new places where doors are open after the judgment of God has occurred. Fear not, and tread forth! Listen for the sound of treading.
Ask the Lord, "What's NEW for my life in 2002?" In Isaiah 43 the prophet then tells the people, "Don't remember the former things!" In other words, don't put God in a box. The way He's moved on your life in the past must not be the only expectation you have for Him to move in the future. PURSUE. When it was time for God's people to move into their inherited promise, we find in Joshua 3:3 the Lord saying: "When you see the ark of the covenant of the Lord you God, and the priest, the Levites, bearing it, then you shall set out from your place and go after it." The Lord is going to move differently with us. We haven't been the way we are now headed. We must pursue His presence. This should be a year that we "go after it." Let His presence guide you into success this year. BREAKTHROUGH. The pursuit of God leads to a breaking out of an old thing and breaking through into the revelation that He has for us. 2 Samuel 5 talks about the Master of Breakthrough. There is a sound of many waters that we can hear in the distance. It's as if the gulch that has been dry is being filled with water. A new type of River of Life is coming. The river of refreshing is turning into a river of cleansing power. This river will break you into the new that God has for you this year. The horizon line for this season in history in the Church as well as our nation is changing. When the horizon line changes, you can get a new perspective. A new day is breaking over us. When the horizon line changes, it causes the perspective of the painting to change. What seemed big, may now seem small. What seemed in the distance comes closer. Micah 2:12,13 declares the lord as The Breaker. The gates the enemy has held shut in the past will now begin to open. Let the Breaker lead you through that closed gate and door that has kept you from advancing.
Even in these changing conflicting times, God is giving us a future and a hope. He has a plan and a destiny for each of us, and He is working all things together for good to position us properly so His plans can be fulfilled. Each time we respond to Him in obedience, we see progress in the overall fulfillment of our earthly purpose. This process and progression is what we call prophetic fulfillment. This is a year to move into a new level of prophetic fulfillment: personally ---corporately ---territorially ---and generationally ---(your sons and daughters shall....). Prophetic fulfillment is intricate. When God is speaking into our life and has a destiny for us individually, that destiny also affects the corporate vision where we are a part, the territory or land wherein we live or are assigned to, and the generations to come.
1. A persevering spirit. Prophetic fulfillment is a process --- sometimes a very long process that can test our ability to persevere and believe that God will do all that He promised. Hell doesn't want you to break through. It takes perseverance to break through the processes of hell that have been set against your promise and your destiny. The "spirit of man will sustain his infirmity." God can give you the ability to overcome. His Spirit is greater than any spirit in the world that would resist you. Abraham is a good example of a person with a persevering spirit.
2. A persevering faith. Abraham had a covenant promise for his family, which included a son being born to him from his aging wife, Sarah. Abraham had to stand and believe God for his promise as the years of natural fertility dwindled and passed. However, he withstood unbelief and he and Sarah were both revived, and Isaac arrived. God has a destiny for every bloodline and we need to come into agreement with what God is trying to do, even if we don't know the specifics of how it will work out. Persevering faith overlooks natural circumstances and understands But God!
3. The covenant promise will always be tested. In Genesis 22 we see that Abraham underwent a strong test. Here God calls Abraham to take his precious only son, Isaac, and lay him on an altar in sacrifice. The testing of our promises is an inevitable step in prophetic fulfillment. In fact, if we don't get past that step, our promises will not be fulfilled, either for ourselves or for our families. Like Abraham, we must obey, and the rest is up to Him.
4. Testing unveils provision. Once Abraham passed the test, provision came. There in a thicket was a ram caught by its horns. Abraham was able to take the ram and offer it as a sacrifice to the Lord instead of offering Isaac. In fact, Abraham named that place "The Lord Will Provide"(Gen. 22:14) as a testimony to God supplying what was needed. As we pass the testing of our promises, God will reveal hidden provision for moving us forward.
5. Promises extend to new generations. Another result of Abraham passing the test was that God extended a new promise to him for the generations of his family to come. God is always looking for how to connect His promises from one generation to another generation. We must acknowledge the generations and see that God has promises for the generations to come. Call in the prodigals who are missing their blessings! The next generation is arising.
6. Connecting to pass the mantle Many times we must participate in supernatural connecting so the next generation receives the blessing from the previous generation and continues progressing in that blessing. Years later, Abraham had come to an awakening that the promise that he had been given, which had been extended to Isaac, could not be completed if Isaac had no wife with whom he could have children of his own. Abraham, therefore, instructed his servant to find just the right wife for Isaac. Through Abraham's careful instructions, the servant found Rebekah, who became Isaac's wife. Divine connections are so very important this year.
7. Conception for the future. Isaac gaining a wife was not enough to ensure that God's promise would carry on. He and Rebekah had to conceive the next generation. There has to be a conception in order to bring forth the prophetic fulfillment. We must not stop until we are sure that we have conceived and brought to birth all that God asks of us.
Abraham was required to go through all these steps and partner with God in faith and obedience, even in the face of years of discouragement. Yet through Abraham's faithfulness, all the families of the earth truly have been blessed. What is it that God longs to accomplish through you? Persevere in 2002 until you break through!
I awakened on Dec. 22, and heard these words: "I will be with you in 2002!" He is EMMANUEL, God with US! This seemed to be a fresh word. In Isaiah 7, a coalition had been formed to make war against Judah, Syria and a faction in Israel had aligned itself to force Judah into a direction that was not God's will. The Lord sent Isaiah and his son, Shear-Jashub (meaning "a Remnant Shall Return") to prophesy to the king. This son's name was a sign that even though judgment would reign there would always be a remnant. Isaiah then began to prophesy that the Lord Himself would give a sign to Ahaz: "Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Emmanuel." What God was saying was this: the sign would be an assurance that in the midst of adversity there would always be hope. I believe it is key for us to remember that He is with us at all times in the coming year. Remember wherever you are this year an whatever need you have --- HE WILL BE THERE TO HELP YOU!
Chuck D. Pierce
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